Sister to Sister Outreach Ministries

Evangelist Laurice A. Vance-Carr

Welcome & Praise The Lord!

Sister to Sister Global Outreach Ministries

where are celebrating 29 Years of Ministry! 


The Pittsburgh Citywide Outreach Team

May I Pray for You?  Outreach Prayer Stations

Church Without Walls

The Bridge Ministry

Together Ministry 

We Care Prayer Ministry  


Founder & Director: Evangelist Laurice Carr

Ministry Overseer: Elder Wilbert Carr


Our 2022 Theme: 

“Standing Together”   

Romans 15:1


Join us in 2022 for our newest outreach

ministry "Together Ministry"  A Marriage &  Relationship Ministry, focusing on various types

of relationships, including family,  friendships, ministry collaborations, co-workers etc. We will devote time on a monthly basis to together fellowships & outreach and many discussions around better relationships. These discussion will be held over our ministry conference line. 

(605) 475-5900 access code: 394241 *6 Mute


    Outreach Ministries Chapter Locations

Chapter 1 (Buffalo, NY)

Chapter 2 (Pittsburgh, PA)

Chapter 3 (Raleigh/Durham, NC)

Chapter 4 (Painsville, OH)

Chapter 5 (Maryland/DC)  

Chapter 6 (Rochester, NY)

Chapter 7 (Columbus, OH)  

Chapter 8 (Beaver Falls, PA)

Chapter 9 (Palm Bay, FL) 


Evangelistic Outreach Works:

 The Church Without Walls Outreach Crusade

May I Pray for You?  Outreach Prayer Stations

The Bridge Ministry & Together Ministry

Nursing Home Ministry & Highrise Ministry

Homeless Shelter Ministry of Compassion

Preaching and Teaching The Word of God

Leadership Mentoring  and Prayer Ministry


 International Works: China, Korea and Liberia