Sister to Sister Outreach Ministries

Evangelist Laurice A. Vance-Carr

Welcome & Praise The Lord!

Sister to Sister Global Outreach Ministries

The Pittsburgh Citywide Outreach Team

May I Pray for You?  Outreach Prayer Stations

Church Without Walls

The Bridge Ministry


Founder & Director: Evangelist Laurice Carr

Ministry Overseer: Elder Wilbert Carr


Our 2020 Theme: 

“Greater Works”   

St. John 14:12


Join us in 2020 as we begin our newest outreach

ministry entitled "The Bridge Ministry" which

will focus on Breast Cancer Advocacy and Informational Workshops, Luncheons, Trainings and Panel Discussions


    Outreach Ministries Chapter Locations

Chapter 1 (Buffalo, NY),

Chapter 2 (Pittsburgh, PA)

Chapter 3 (Raleigh/Durham, NC),

Chapter 4 (Painsville, OH)

Chapter 5 (Maryland/DC), 

Chapter 6 (Rochester, NY),

Chapter 7 (Columbus, OH), 

Chapter 8 (Beaver Falls, PA)

Chapter 9 (Palm Bay, FL) 


Evangelistic Outreach Works:

 The Church Without Walls Outreach Crusade

May I Pray for You?  Outreach Prayer Stations

The Bridge Ministry

Nursing Home Ministry

Highrise Ministry

Homeless Shelter Ministry of Compassion

Preaching and Teaching The Word of God


 International Works: China, Korea and Liberia